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No maintenance WordPress theme

Video Course

If you have been using WordPress for a while, there are probably things you love about it — and things you hate about it too. For many years, our team felt the same way. We loved the ease of installing WordPress on cloud servers and other web hosting platforms, but whenever it came time to design a new website, we always felt trapped between trying to avoid bloated themes and plugins, and not wanting to code an entirely custom theme from scratch…

This free video course is going to show you how to rapidly setup and customize HoverCraft for new web design projects, without using bloated page builders or janky settings panels.

Free video course chapters

  1. Installing the HoverCraft theme and Git Updater plugin
  2. Configuring HoverCraft settings and layout using the Customizer
  3. Changing between various page templates with HoverCraft
  4. Creating menus and widgets in HoverCraft and activating locations
  5. Customizing advanced features such as fonts, icons, CSS, etc.