No maintenance WordPress theme

Stop fixing your WordPress theme, and focus on your business.

HoverCraft is a WordPress theme focused on saving you time and avoiding maintenance tasks. Instead of messing with page builders, DOM elements, and settings, HoverCraft is largely hardcoded, with only a handful of menus, widgets, and CSS classes that you can lightly customize for new projects or clients. Future-proof WordPress designs, like never before...

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Free & Open Source

All code is released via the GPL-3.0 license and available on GitHub.

Automatic Updates

Powered by Git Updater for easy, drama-free version management.

Super Lightweight

Fast loading speed and robust security means long-term stability.

SEO Optimized

Critical SEO items included, like optimized titles and inline styles.

Bloat-Free Zone

No goofy scripts or other junk that belong in plugins, not themes.

Sharp Templates

Several catchy page templates are ready to make your job a breeze.

Customizer Only

No janky settings panels, all changes are done via native WordPress.

Widgets & Menus

Leverages WordPress menus and widgets like you've never seen before.

CSS Ready

Customize styling via CSS classes instead of clunky toggle switches.
Free online training available.